The dream of living in Andalusia without the risk

Buying or restoring a house in any part of Andalusia is a dream come true for many people and sometimes the start of a new life filled with colour, flavour and charm for those who decide to inhabit it, enjoy it and share it intensely. The dream of living in the south is undoubtedly a passion, but the process of buying, building or renovating a house from afar when you understand little of the language (or the expressions even when you speak our language well) and without being familiar with the processes and applicable regulations can mean that the road is longer, and more costly and inefficient that we had planned.

This is why our commitment is to transparently and honestly help, with resources, people residing outside Spain or in faraway localities who have no technical training and/or who want a better understanding of the process of building or restoring a house or business premises to make more informed decisions and improve the performance of their investment, in particulary by simplifying  any processes that may be more complex and for which we can provide you with more valuable information that makes your life easier and relieves your frustrations, whether you are our client or not.

The resources we make available to you are:

  • Personal Project Planner: We help you plan each step and organise all your project’s details to bring it in within your desired budget and time period. Will you go for it?
  • Topics, Hints and Tips area: The aim is to try to offer you resources such as hints, topics and tips that can help you in the process or that are at least are fun.
  • Checklist: With the steps and arrangements for building or restoring your house in Spain and checking the processes carried out or pending.
  • Scoring: To help you assess the construction company on the basis of your needs, we draw up and outline a guide to classify them which, along with the budget and technical and economic offer, will help you make the most suitable and advantageous decision for the construction of the project.

Also, since we understand that commitment and trust are very personal, we have created an area called ”My Building Experience Knowledge in Spain” where people who have gone through this experience tell us first-hand about their experiences and can help others in the journey of decisions relating to house construction or restoration in Andalusia.

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