About our Architecture Studio

As architects, we like knowing our clients; hearing and understanding their needs and meeting their expectations.

We understand that the client forms part of our team, participating in the evolution of the project and being informed transparently of its management at all times.

But for us, architecture does not just exist on paper, which is why we like to carry out proper follow-up until the end of the project, providing support to those who trust us and transforming the fear of building into a new experience that, by exercising control, should at the end of the day be enjoyed.

Our team of architects

Well-built architecture. We make every effort to create relationships with other good professionals and, together as a team, provide an exceptional service.

Jesús Olivares Galera

Jesús enjoys managing the process of the project and the works almost as much as he enjoys a cold beer with friends. For him, clear communication is the key to the team’s proper operation.

His good memory means that he can remember the smallest details, but his greatest ability is controlling from outside all the phases of the job and delving into the risks. He helps our clients achieve their economic goal through  streamlined project management.

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mail: info@www.ocarquitectos.es /// 666 164 587

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Ana Campos Tevar

Ana enjoys restoring buildings with high wooden ceilings. She always looks forward to being amazed when she sees the finished project after so many sketches in books and meetings.

Curious about subjects outside her field, she considers herself a TED talk addict and loves learning English in her spare time.

She talks a lot and very quickly, but firmly believes that the client’s trust is forged with long chats where you get to know the person.


mail: info@www.ocarquitectos.es /// 678 684 084

Ludmila arquitecta

Ludmila Pacheco Erthal

Ludmila, as an architect, is responsibility and effectiveness personified. He has great knowledge of urban projects on a regional scale and, at the same time, is attentive and sensitive to the smallest design detail.

She is passionate about researching new materials and is a true geek in innovative technological solutions. He loves to travel and finds in the crafts his greatest tranquility.

Roberta arquitecta

Roberta Silvestri

Roberta comes from Naples and is passionate about all kinds of art: painting, dance, cooking. By day she is an architect and at night she is a salsa teacher.

In her free time, she likes to cook typical Italian dishes and be with his dog Kyle. Her favorite painter is Klimt, that’s why she has tattooed the tree of life on his shoulder. She has a lot of sensitivity and her obsession with cleanliness is reflected in the way she projects.

Maria Jose Reyes Ramirez Arquitecta

María José Reyes Ramirez

Good designer, passionate about any new graphic program, María José enjoys and dares everything: the interior design, the BIM environment, photography, developing web pages …

Adventurous and active, she likes to play paddle but above all she enjoys every moment with her family and friends.

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M. Carmen Figueroa Martín

M. Carmen es toda una experta de la construcción, le encanta buscar soluciones novedosas. Ella es minuciosa en cada uno de sus trabajos. Las patologías y la rehabilitación son su mayor pasión.

Aparte, adora el cine clásico. Tiene una gran colección de películas de Charles Chaplin. Y hablando de arte, uno de sus cuadros favoritos es Perro semihundido, de Goya.

Le encanta cuidar de su familia y amigos pero el amor de su vida es Ricardo, su señor gato. Y digo lo de señor, porque siempre lleva pajarita.

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Celia Chocano Casares

Celia has a very healthy obsession with everything related to creativity. A true perfectionist, she believes that good design is in the detail as well as in the combination of technology and comfort. She uses her creative talent to produce wonderful images which help the client envisage the team’s ideas.

She is a keen boxer and addicted to exercise. In her free time, when she is not exercising, you will find her with friends or watching repeats of “Kitchen Nightmares”, perhaps while doing Pilates in front of the television? Maybe….

Jose Antonio Bonilla aparejador

Jose Antonio Bonilla Puente

Jose es un gran aparejador que colabora con nuestro equipo en las fases de construcción. Es una figura perfeccionista en nuestras obras, gran conocedor de los aspectos técnicos y económicos, de gestión y control de la ejecución. Su experiencia se traduce en confianza hacia nuestros clientes.

Su mayor virtud es la calma y la paciencia, ¿y su pasión? Correr. Como buen runner sabe que las obras requieren una mentalidad fuerte y una planificación buena para impulsar adelante cuando ya casi no quedan fuerzas físicas en el proceso final de la construcción.

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Kind words

"We could not fly that often at all, we had to fully trust on you both and this ended being the so right thing to do indeed. For several reasons...!"
"The greatest advantage of working with Ana and Jesús is that they listen! Our ancient, large and dilapidated Andalucian village house...
"Having purchased a standing wreck of a house in 2004, in a hilltop village at the head of a most beautiful valley...
"Me recomendaron a Jesús y a Ana y ha sido una experiencia totalmente positiva. Ellos se han encargado de todo,controlando los costes y la calidad de la obra...
"Para nosotros, que estamos a 320 km, ha sido una total tranquilidad el tenerte a frente de todo
"Concentration, activity, creativity, cheerfulness. Thanks for another super meeting! We also enjoyed the results...
“Thank you again so much for taking the time to meet us and visit our dreams property. And for all of your work to assess the property and give us a realistic idea of the cost to reform it.We will continue to look for the right property.We appreciate all of your effort on our behalf and will recommend you to anyone looking for an architect in the region".
“La calidad del proyecto que nos plantearon era excelente pero lo que al final consigue sorprenderte y hacerte feliz en cada paso es el trato personal recibido.”
“…captó lo que queríamos hacer y ha ido solucionando las dudas que se nos han ido planteando con soluciones adecuadas y acertadas.”
“La facilidad en el trato, la gestión del proyecto, con correos e informes de seguimiento y costes y, sobre todo, su disponibilidad día y noche, nos dio mucha confianza.”
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