It is very difficult to describe you as a team because honestly, we have never seen anything like that. Mike and I work in demanding industries and we know how hard is to keep everything in control and impress people when delivering a piece of work or a big project like this as it was for us. You both, as people and as professionals, succeeded all our expectations.

You were recommended to us, of course you were. You impress people. When instructed you from the UK, where knew we had to trust. We could not fly that often at all, we had to fully trust on you both and this ended being the so right thing to do indeed. For several reasons…!

The detail of your work was impressive, your passion for our project was contagious. What a combination. You cared about our project from day 1, from our first telephone conversation until the very end (and you still do!!!). I was impressed on day 1 but I thought this is always the case right? The days went on and on and we continued talking, discussing ideas, pros and cons, endless timing you dedicated to us as if we were your only client. You made us feel you were working just for us. You had all the attention for us, the availability at all times, no matter what. It was impressive, truly impressive, to the extent that it was hard to keep up with your speed! Mike and I kept saying that over and over again…

You kept the project and the budget in full control, you kept smiling no matter my silly requests and questions sometimes (you can admit that Ana). You kept the passion because you knew that this project made us happy. You kept the passion because it transpires that you love what you do. Your good vibe was and still is contagious. It is still today (after a year of the end of the project) that you answer questions about our house because you know inside out and most importantly never stop caring about it. You stand out from a crowd, from a very very big crowd.

There should be more people and professionals like you in the world but it is rare. We were the lucky ones to find you. Jesus, I enjoyed how good on top you were with the numbers, your drive and the fights for what we wanted. Ana, I enjoyed your warmth, your charm, your calmness, and mainly your approach that everything was possible, there were alternatives for anything we wanted, you always sounded as if it was so easy!

Both of you are a very strong team, full of passion and professionalism. Thank you so much for making an impossible project/dream to come true (on time and on budget!). You are amazing people and of course I will be so happy to recommend you both and speak to anyone who wants to know more about you because our thank you to you will always be fresh our minds and hopefully our children and grandchildren, the next generations to come.

A big hug, Julia and Mike.