«Having purchased a standing wreck of a house in 2004, in a hilltop village at the head of a most beautiful valley, it wasn’t until 2008 I decided that work on the reconstruction project should commence rather than let it crumble completely!

It was a daunting prospect, never had I undertaken such a reconstruction project let alone in a country where I knew little of the language and nothing of the regulations and bureaucracy. After a false start, which I gather was not uncommon in this context, I was very fortunate jndeed that an English friend living in the valley introduced me to OC Arquitectos in the form of Ana y Jesus. From our first meeting, I was absolutely sure that these were the two people who were going to make this project happen.

Ana and Jesus, completely understood that I wanted to restore this house as near as possible in a traditional Andalucian style but with modern materials and systems where appropriate. They also found a builder who absolutely got the idea that I was trying to achieve.

Return to my greatest worry. This was Spain, I was in England with no Spanish and at that time Ana and Jesus had very little English, neither did the builder, the Quantity Surveyor and the building team! I boldly said to them, every communication we have whether it be telephone, email, letter or face to face conversation must be in English from them and in Spanish from me! They were quick off the mark, they emailed to me a Spanish/English/English/Spanish architectural dictionary – smart move and it was marvellous! That and my frequent visits, some unannounced, worked very well.

The final result was magnificent and fully achieved my objectives. Their design skills and interpretation of my dream, together with creative approach to problem solving and bringing along with them the entire building team was impressive. My house is much admired and receives many favourably comments about the high standard of the design, materials and build quality.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending OC Arquitectos, namely Ana Campos Tevar and Jesus Olivara Galera.»