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What is a Passivhaus?

A Passivhaus home is a house that stays warm and cozy during the winter. It takes advantage of the sunlight that provides ample heat and stores it so it needs little heating. This happens thanks to a carefully insulated skin that surrounds it.

It is a well-sealed house from the outside and still with fresh and clean air continuously, perfect for you and yours if you suffer from allergies.

It is a home that stays cool and comfortable even in the summer heat. It is protected from direct sun, with shading features so that it does not overheat and therefore, requires little cooling.

A quiet home, free from drafts, dust and moulds. Without cold walls or windows uncomfortable to touch, with a constant temperature and that also costs little to maintain.

This is the Passivhaus standard: A sustainable building standard that ensures great energy efficiency. It combines high interior comfort, low energy consumption and the absence of construction pathologies.

All this thanks to a careful construction process and high quality control.

Once you look into this way of building energy efficient, comfortable and healthy homes there is no way back anymore…You will just love it!

If you like the passive house standard and want to know more about it, we are at your disposal!

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