Passivhaus Retrofit

EnerPHit. Renovate your home with the Passivhaus standard

EnerPHit is a sustainable construction standard for existing housing that is going to be renovated.

In this way, we achieve the benefits of Passivhaus with more flexible requirements due to the complexity of the renovation. In order to do this, it is necessary to seek solutions adapted to the existing home following the principles of the Passivhaus standard.

The main objectives will be: first, to improve the envelope (insulation, high performance windows, airtight layer) and second, to introduce controlled ventilation. This will allow efficient heating/air conditioning with less energy cost.

In conclusion, with EnerPHit we ensure an excellent improvement in the quality of the air and an interior thermal-acoustic comfort, reducing energy cost.

EnerPHit. Step by step

Renovate in a better way.

Achieve high energy efficiency for existing housing.