Your personal project planner
for your home in Spain awaits

Planning the construction of your house in Spain has never seen so easy

Plan each step with OC arquitectos and organise all your project’s details to bring it in within your budget and deadline. Will you go for it?

Your house style. Your space. Be inspired 

Define your house style with images that inspire you. Tell us what you love (or hate!) and we’ll help you build a unique style and establish the needs your house should consider.

Pre-study of the plot / house

Do you need a professional opinion on the property you’re interested in before buying it? Let us inspect it and confirm its condition, legal situation and the options you have, taking into account urban planning regulations.

Estimated budget  

Tell us about your financial goal. We will check the project’s viability for you with an initial personalized approximation of the costs that the complete construction process will involve. 

Find out about the process. Project phases  

Find out from us about the different phases of the constuction process in Spain (before, during and after construction) and all the professionals that participate in it.  

Meetings, certificates and reports

Receive information from us at all stages of the process, the “for who” and “for when,” with periodical meetings. Do you live outside Spain? Distance is not a problem. Choose how you prefer to communicate (Skype? WhatsApp? Evernote?…)

List of construction materials companies 

You have a clear idea. Who can execute it? We will faciliate the search for local shops and professionals that can be useful to you in accordance with your style.  

Assessment of construction companies 

We help you find the best professionals to build your home. Set criteria other than financial ones that help you make the final choice in an intelligent way.

Project follow-up and control of its evolution

With us as your guide, visit the site and enjoy the construction. Our reports will enable you to learn about and control the evolution, time periods and budget of the works.

My Building Experience knowdledge in Spain

Project photo integral rehabilitation

My Building Experience in Spain

“Having decided that Andalucia was worth considering as a retirement destination, we made a number of trips over several months exploring the province and looking at properties finally settling on Albuñuelas as being a pleasant village in easy reach of Granada city, the coast and the mountains. After a false start on one property, we bought the house where we currently live”

Transparency and honesty

Whether you are a client or not, we inform you and help you make decisions.