Wood windows in Andalusia: make the right choice

From glazing to handles, there is a lot to consider when choosing the wood windows for your home in Southern Spain 


Most owners of old houses in Andalusia choose wood windows for our restoring projects. Regardless of whether you are renovating an old farmhouse or building a new home, you can have a wide a variety of finishes and styles.

Though we like the rickety charm of the original fittings, choosing appropriate wood and glazing is a must. Even if they are in an acceptable condition, the old thin frame doesn’t allow for adding double-glazed to insulate against heat and cold. So, if you are looking for new wood windows, you will find them in large timber warehouses or through local carpenters.

In order to achieve this aim, let me give you some suggestions that will allow you to make the right choice.

Pros and cons of wood windows in Andalusia

Above all, wood windows offers feel and authenticity to old cottages in Andalusia too. There is no real replacement for the warmth of the small wooden casement windows.

As well as being real showstoppers to look at, timber windows offer extraordinary performance against the cold/hot weather in our region.

Wood Windows Pros:

  • Nothing can beat the tactility and detailing of a timber framed window
  • Provide excellent insulation with double and triple glazing options to choose from
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can be stained, but are usually painted with lots of colour varieties
  • Suites both contemporary and traditional restored homes

Wood Windows Cons:

  • Requires repainting/varnishing every few years
  • Due to our harsh andalusian weather, requires that the sun does not shine directly on them protecting with external shade.

How to check  and make the right choice for wood windows in Andalusia?

If you are renovating an old home, bare in mind that the style of wood window and the accessories you choose will make a huge impact on the overall appearance of the building.

For this reason, whatever your project will be, we recommend you visiting several carpenters workshops. You will be surprised how the wood window appearance can change because of the machinery used in the production process. You will be also able to check the windows frames assembly and get interested in the options and accessories.

Consequently, take into consideration the following items:

  • Style: Will your windows be classic and traditional, or contemporary?
  • Design: Find out about the different types of open-in casement-style windows
  • Frame: traditional window? Or better quality, “European frame window”?
  • Wood: What type of hardwood timbers do work better for exterior in your area?
  • Assembly: Find out the importance of drying the wood and rejecting defective timber.
  • Glazing: Thermal performance, energy efficiency and security.
  • Installation: check the steps the professionals do to achieve a suitable installation
  • Stained-varnished- Opaque Lacquer: Be sure if you prefer natural finishes or colorful windows.
  • Handles-ironmongery options-levers and locking system: Discover the variety with materials and colours
  • Shutters: Will your windows have ouside or inside shutters shutters? In wood or in other material?
  • Screens: How to avoid flies and mosquitoes with roll-down screen.
  • Costs: Rank window costs on a square metre basis? How to check when comparing between carpenters’ quotes.

Wood windows style for modern or traditional homes

Take the time to look at the windows in cottages around your area. Apart from knowing which finishes are common, you need to know which of the different styles fits your expectation.

For instance, we once were asked for a new house project a special requirement: “high quality new wood windows but with the appearance of the old traditional window” with soft lines in each detail.

For this purpose, since it was a special design, we met a local carpenter to define these subtle details.


Classic-inspired wood windows in Andalusia: decorative mouldings, English ironmongery, wider flashing and light opaque lacquer (romanclavero)


However, we found out that his frames and mouldings were too “square”, therefore with a modern appearance. Besides, the accesories like handles and levers were quite limited. Consequently, we had to find another option.

So first, we looked for charming hotels with wood windows around Granada. When we got them, we got in touch with the owners to know their carpenters.

As a result, we found Luis and Antonio, two craftsmen who love the wood. Only then, we were able to learn with them how the quality and appearance of the window depend on several factors:

  • machinery used to cut the frames and mouldings
  • type of wood and first quality of the timber
  • best wood pieces to use and the rejection of the ones with resin or big knots
  • their assembly and installation

Just a word of advice for your wood windows:

If you have in mind a desired image for your timber windows, it is worth visiting the andalusian carpenters workshops and see if their work matches with your likes. 

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